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"From what hell did you spawn?
You! Beast of the night.
You lurk in the outer-recesses of the shadows,
always just at the edge of my sight.

Tell me, monster,
speak clearly through the chilling air.
What summons calls you to haunt,
to fill the night with despair?"

Un-shattered and smooth like glass.
I walk quickly now,
deeply fearing the power the monstrosity has.

What possesses these trees?
What dark force may inhabit them?
In my nightmares, I foresaw such a scene.
A cursed root catches my hem.

A scream rings out as I collapse.
Mine? The Beasts? A poor soul already caught?
Is this my end?
Was my life all for not?

I bring my hands up in defense,
but no one,nothing descends upon me.
I turn my gaze up,
nothing but sky and tree.

A deep breath in steels my nerves,
and I lie on the forest floor.
My heart beat slows,
slows, and slows once more.

How sweet to die in a beautiful scene,
among the stars and nothing.
Nothing. Nothing. I am.
"I am dying."

Whispered with a smile.
A blissful breath of relief.
Not one more day on this Earth.
Not one more day of grief.

I sink into cold,
damp ground.
Not one more word.
Not one more sound.
Not One More Sound
This is a poem about a girl who is kept alive only by her fear of death. In the end, she sees that there is nothing to fear in death and accepts it gratefully because it is so much easier than life in itself. I'm really happy to start writing more often again. Missed you guys! 
Ode to my sanity,
to understanding right from wrong.
The voices all around
sing a lovely song.

They whisper sweet destruction,
the falling of them all.
I close my eyes in wonder,
in wonder of the small.

The small, tiny insects,
crawling up my spine.
They tickle, make me giggle,
and scratch in tiny lines.

I like the lines.
The scarlet drops of reprieve.
I like the voices lullaby.
"It's time for you to leave"

I enjoy this place of nothing,
this place where I am not.
Not sad, not cold, not lonely,
Not caught.

Caught, in not lovely, NOT lovely, jackets.
That wrap me up so tight.
I can't feel the bindings anymore,
can't smell the cotton in walls of white.

I can't feel anything any longer,
just the numbness and the wet.
How many lines did I make?
The voices whisper not to fret.

Ode to my sanity,
to the bindings of what is "right",
to the moments that caused my capture,
and forced the stains on these walls of white.
Ode to My Sanity
Another poem that I may submit for my lit class. Too dark?
You were here for what seemed a moment,
a beautiful handful of seconds, too brief.
You whispered on strange, wonderful things,
and I pledged your everything to keep.

In what had to be minutes,
no greater than a few, at best,
you melted that, most grievous, away
and kept for yourself what was left.

After only hours, you achieved.
You achieved everything. Can't you see?
You were everything,
everything, to me,

but, suddenly, in what was conceived as days,
long, endless, terrible days,
you were everything grievous.
Everything was taken away,

and in years,
endless, miserable years,
you became everyone,
every. one. of my fears.

In a century,
you had gone.
Dissipated like the love.
Our love, doomed to go wrong.

Ode to a stranger,
you, whom I had to let go,
the you that I do miss,
and the me, whom I no longer know.
Ode to a Stranger
This was an assignment for my lit class. I really liked how it turned out and I would love to get some feedback before I turn it in Monday. This is about a relationship that started out blissfully. This is why time seemed to fly to the narrator, but, very suddenly, the relationship soured, and so time seems to drag on miserably. Please, tell me what you think. Love you guys!
Feet together,
Thighs apart,
how i mend my broken heart.

Breakfast skipped,
and dinner comes up,
pretending i don't give a fuck.

So cold,
so big,
water water, another swig.

Can't sleep at night,
can't face the day,
why won't ana go away?

Crying into bloody wrists,
Thinspo on my wall.

But here i am again.
Here, my only friend.
Here, i face my silent end.

Thank you for trying.
I'm sorry. I tried.

I'm sorry.

I lied.
Thighs Apart
I'm going through a really rough times right now in my relapse. I've lost 15 pounds and I know I'm at a healthy weight but I can't stop wanting more. I eat one 500 calories a day and I throw up any extra. Sometimes I hate myself so much, I throw up the 500 too. I don't when I relapsed. All I know is she's back. And it hurts. I'm sorry if you understand some of these references. Stay Strong. 


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Update time! It has now been over a year since I created my first and only deviant art profile, Happy Anniversary!! Anyway, I am now 15 years old. My birthday is October 18 for those who didn't know. I made it through my first AP class with an A. Success! I don't have m learners permit yet. I also survived my first season as a marching indian, and believe me, that's an achievement. I still play the Alto Sax. I had to quit chorus for high school. I'm currently obsessed with Bo Burnham, and I'm still reading like paper and ink are my oxygen. NO E-readers! None!
Alright deviants, I'm back, while I was gone, I got some really sweet happy birthdays, I hit 150 watchers, and I now have over 3,000 page views. WOW. I didn't expect so much to keep happening. I figured people would forget about me. It's nice to know I was still relevant to some degree. Anyway, while I was away, marching band season finished up ( we got third place at the Bands of America Regional Championships, Go Indians), my boyfriend was out of school for 7 weeks, but he's back now, and doing fine. I finished my first AP course of high school with an A, and I uh...... FINALLY GOT OUT OF MY MOMS HOUSE! That's right deviants, after eight years of living with two maniacs and 2 unpleasant, back stabbing, step siblings, I'm free =) and I'm soooooooooo much happier here at my Dad's house. I mean, actully, I think I'm truly happy for the first time....ever. And it feels great, deviants. It. Feels. Safe. =,)
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